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eneloop universaallaadija

Laadija, mis võimaldab laadida AA, AAA, C ja D tüüpi akusid.

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68,00 €

Charger Output
C,D type 0.78AX4
AAA,AA type 0.56AX4

Set Includes
Universal charger 1
AC adapter 1
AC cord 1

Charging Time
eneloop Ni-MH AAA 1 to 4pcs Double Speed 1.5 hrs
eneloop Ni-MH AAA 4 to 8pcs Normal 3 hrs
eneloop Ni-MH AA 1 to 4pcs Double Speed 4 hrs
eneloop Ni-MH AA 4 to 8pcs Normal 8 hrs
eneloop Ni-MH C Type 1 to 4pcs Normal 4.5 hrs
eneloop Ni-MH D Type 1 to 4pcs Normal 8.5 hrs

World Auto Voltage
Able to charge AAA, AA, C and D size eneloop batteries at one time. For AA and AAA size battery: 1 - 8 pcs. For D and C size battery: 1 - 4 pcs
8 LED lights indicators.

Red on: charging (less 50% charged)
Blue on : Charging (50% or more charged)
Blue on -> off : Charging completed

8 individual charging pockets

Batteries are not included